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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
20,000 Poll Guild [Comic.Explosion] Private 1,239,225 35,458
Paradise Bump Island Donation Guild BigJammer Public 34,850 489
Just for Me.

A guild I am using for my stuff and for friends use.

oh so Sweet Revenge Public 983 1
-=- Executioner Gunji Private 537 6
The Spamathon

Need extra gold? Just wanna talk? Then you absolutely cannot go past this group! Join now! NEEDS MEMBERS

Tags: spam, spamathon, spamming, spammer, spam for free

R4Z0R5CYTH3 Public 890 55
AJ's Storage

Mine ! My own !

Positroneidon Private 27 4
Jai's Storage Guild


Jai Bait Private 113 2
Personal RP YOU DOG l_Valkyrie_I Private 364 4
Caramel Truffle Inn

A random Hotel Guild :)

CherryIcecreamSmileXD Private 9 2
My Special Place

just a place for me

Tags: random, stuff, coolness, whatever

Kallie12988 Public 9 1
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