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Poll Guild of DOOM [pwning moms since 2005]

Poll Guild of DOOM liek totally doomy and stuff

Tags: Poll, DOOM, Elephant, Guild, Silly

Transilent Private 1,184,624 10,440
The French Spam Guild Chocoboy5 Private 502,007 830

See you space cowboy

Zett Public 135,036 126
Trin's random stuff of doom outlaw trinidy Private 5,193 15
Rather Large Pig Polls. Her Cyanide-- Private 148,020 711
aAs attic

and personal playground

amicableAggressor Private 130 1
Just for Me - Spare Guild

For use in preparing and testing dice games + Formats or storing random information

Tags: Private, Mine, Hidden

Dizzy_Kat Private 211 3
Hamiltonian Nightmare

testing and organizing for the 1700s gent

Tags: founding fathers, first us treasurer, national debt, aaron burr sux

Soldier of Song Public 80 1
x-iBerries-x's Experimentation & Role-play guild

x-iBerries-x's Experimentation & Role-play guild

x-iBerries-x Private 75 4
Personal RP YOU DOG l_Valkyrie_I Private 517 5
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