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See you space cowboy

Zett Public 135,025 125
Poll Guild of DOOM [pwning moms since 2005]

Poll Guild of DOOM liek totally doomy and stuff

Tags: Poll, DOOM, Elephant, Guild, Silly

Transilent Private 1,184,567 10,443
The Literate Spam Guild

The original literate chatterbox.

Tags: Literate, Spam, Lick, Suck, Gulp

Ythan II Private 2,950,834 4,485
Flame's Stuff Flamefox Merimac Private 707 5
Storage Guild


A faint smile Private 1,430 3
quite's compendium of characters quite uneventful Public 120 1

Old, personal-use guide.

Meulynn Private 127 2
Jai's Storage Guild


Jai Bait Public 139 2
what the shit

ledas test and shit

Tags: leda, sucks, bigg, asss, hole

belle coquette Public 53 1
Poll Addiction

We Are A Poll And Spam Guild!

Tags: poll, gold, spam, bump, vote

Dani Filthling Public 88 6
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