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n/a guild closed


I Am Your Azalea Private 34,773 5,932
The Millionaires' Annex

Subforums for Millionaires to use for whatever they want.

OneOfLittleHarmony Private 5,768 160
Dec 28 2005

Tags: guild, for sale, empty

CaptainKillbot Public 15,818 1
Set Up Shop!

A place for trade of all kinds!

Sexual Lollipop Private 1,673 21
Guild For Sale 5,000

For Sale

Tags: Sale, Gaia, Gold, Guild

HrithikBond Public 14 0
Lost Dreams Charity

Where your lost dreams are found!

Tags: Charity, Donation, Contests, TEKTEK, Roleplay

Knight of Disorder Public 475 46
A Closed Guild

A guild up for purchase! Several subforums already installed!

Blood Stained Lullaby Private 5,781 3
expreesse yourself in poems

have fun

Tags: Original Neo, KyoKnightly, II Dao Chi II

ll Sissy Chi ll Public 512 12
Koneko and Friends Quest for the Avatars

Koneko Yumi Avatar Quest

Amimo Yumi Public 100 6

Make more than 50000g a day, cash-free.

Tags: Gold, Make, Money, Society, Fortunate

The Goddess -of- G a i a Private 5 2
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