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MP Center

MP Center is an elite vending guild focused on teaching fellow Gaia members about the Market Place to easier aquire their quested items.

Tags: Market Place, Exchange, Quest, Gold, Vendor

Lupas Deva Public 67,897 3,971
:SealedO.oCentral~Nite Club/Store:

We are a peace loving community of drinking enthusists... actually I am just here for the fancy umbrellas X3

Tags: Monthly Collectables, Family, Friends, Chatterbox

Senpai1028 Public 5,332 68
Storybrooke's Finest

The characters of Storybrooke

Tags: Once Upon A Time, Televison, Role Play, Town

LLK's Guild LittleLilyKitty Private 4,512 6
Gaia Rent-A-Center (GRAC)

The guild is to promote and sell items in the market for cheaper

Tags: GRAC, Loan, Finance, GaiaRent, Store

Your Final Words Private 21 4

Gaia's Premiere Guild Real Estate Service

Tags: Selling, Buying, Real, Estate, Appraisal

The Pink Piper Private 605 51
The Gaian Black Market ©

Market for Tax Free Buying, Selling, Trading some Contests, Games & Giveaways

Tags: Marketplace, Trades, Games, Contests, Giveaways

The Unholy Sapphire Public 485 51
The Gaia Aristocrats

For those few who have endured these hard times.

Tags: Friendly, Welcoming

White Fanged Zenko Public 2 3
Bubble Bugging Fish Town

Headquarters for the shop Bubble Bugging Fish Town

Tags: Shop, Jobs, Fishing, Gold

Bubblehead0987654321 Private 56 6
The Giving Galleria

A gifting guild catering to you!

Tags: gifting, donation, help, quests

artistical vibrancies Public 1 1
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