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Gaian Pokemon Academy

This is a discussion guild for all aspects of Pokemon - games, anime, TCG, fan art, etc. We even have a roleplay and minigame forum.

Tags: Pokemon, games, anime, discussion, roleplaying

Airelesanya Private 74,905 1,268
The Athrun x Cagalli Gundam Guild [Cagalli] Private 23,081 59
First Gaian Nudist Colony

This guild is for people who like to make their avatar as naked as it is possible with Gaia's item settings

Tags: Nudism, Avatars, Naked, Underwear, Dress-up

Slick Romance Private 40 19
jellowship of the sutf. emily swashbuckle Private 58,575 76
Advertise Here

World of Art and Advertisements

Tags: Gaia, Manga, Shop, Anime, Avi Art

Butterflies Flowers Art Public 77 12
Magician's Palace

Come have fun and enjoy. Rp's are welcomed and so are idea's.

Tags: Fun for all, role play, anything

darjetii Public 288 6
mens only guild

a place where men can hang out

Tags: lodge, friends, chilling, spirit, homies

S1L3NT XIII Public 66 16
Voice Finders

Situation-based writing prompts to find your characters voice

Tags: writing, creative writing, writing prompts, free

Nexomify Public 13 1
Social justice of Gaia!

There wasn't what seemed to be a very intersectional social justice or feminism guild, so here it is.

Tags: social justice, leftist, racism, sexism, ableism

Missy Michix Private 1 1
Craft Inspiration

Crafting discussion!

Tags: Sewing, crocheting, welding, wire wrap jewelry, knitting

Vyvalia Private 2 3
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