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Kapow! The Gaian Superhero Guild

Roleplaying and chat/discussion guild for Western comic book fans.

Tags: roleplay, Marvel, Batman, comics, superheroes

Wally_West Private 461,506 114
Clan Garras Rojas Guild kaworu Nagisa Private 1,680 8
Fatten Up!

Tags: fatten, weight, gain, chubby, huge

ZOMG Baking Girl Public 6,847 314
The great otaku guild

If you are a anime or manga lover join

Tags: anime Art, Anime, manga, Roleplays, contests

Siegrain_the_overlord Public 1,261 52
The Princess Party

Welcome! This guild is about girls who are up to meet new friends or other wise, princesses! Become a princess by joining this guild.

Tags: Princess, Beautiful, Lady Like, Process, Stages

Princess Isabella II Public 12 41
Otherworld Fan Fiction Guild

A fan based guild for the Otherworld stories written by Lin.

Tags: Otherworld

Shinichi Daisuke Public 131 91
Blankenburg: Heroes

The guild for the good guys of Blankenburg.

Tags: royalty, monarchy, kingdom, Blankenburg, Good

Blankenburg Private 7 6
Jacks Loyals

Show your loyalty

Tags: Jack, Loyal, Anti Bunny, Anti Social, Halloween

Macabre Forever Public 16 1
Succubus and incubus

this is for only our kind

Tags: Succubus

stephon kingpin8 knox Public 2 9

Be yourself Preaz.

Tags: Music, Friends, Ideas, NoJudgment, BeYourself

IBeeToki Public 4 8
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