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The Official Splatoon Guild

Gaia's Premiere Splatoon Guild! Let's get messy!

Tags: Splatoon, Inkling, Squid, Nintendo, Wii U

Chain of Termina Public 2,686 75
Clan Garras Rojas Guild kaworu Nagisa Private 1,903 12
The Jedi Order Jet Black X Public 8,689 49
A Wonderland Indeed Kaefaux Private 839 10
C.H.A.O.S. - The reigning remnant of S.I.N.

Corruption Has Ascended Over the Skies

Tags: Sentinel, Chaos, Halloween, Evil, Organization

I Sinistro I Public 66,765 62
My Little Bronies: Fandom is Magic

A guild dedicated entierly around MLP:FIM

Tags: My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic, Brony, Pegisister, Love and Tolerate

ToraHiroba Public 6,232 254

Spoopy Guild of Objects, Tentacles, Aliens and Random Things!

Tags: Spoopy, Weird, Objects, Tentacles, Random

CatJamSprinkles Public 40 21
The Mushi Disciple

Ideas from Mushi-Shi and Daniel Quinn's Trilogy on Animism

Tags: ginko, mushi, ishmael, animism, daniel quinn

Haruyuki Private 5 1
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Paradise (Under Construction/WIP)

A guild created for all FNAF related things. From Cosplay to Roleplay to whatever else suits your fancy we'll have it!

Tags: FNAF, Hang out, Variety, Cosplay

Cosplay Stuck Public 16 8
anti hating association

we are a group that is against haters no matter what the fandom

Tags: no hate, support, fandom, love, community

glavechio Public 2 4
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