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Guild of Vegans and Vegetarians

Join vegetarians and supporters for discussion on health, cooking, and ethical issues!

Tags: Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal, Cooking

VeggieCaptain Private 9,125 1,264
The Open Door Cafe {Cooking Chat and Recipe Share}

Tags: Cooking, Food, Recipes, Home Economy

Silvyee Private 816 29
Homestuck 18+

A guild for Adult Homestucks.

Tags: Homestuck, Adults, Role play, Artists, Discussion

Shortstuck Public 273 22
Team Bara

Made by men, for true men alike.

Tags: Bara, Testosterone, Manly, Anime, Manga

T A C O S A W R Public 1,911 117
Apple Seed

The Seed Of Gaia

Tags: Gaia, Friends, Nice, Funny

Aspiring To Be Something Public 29 10
Loving Relativity

We are people who just enjoy black and white simple as that.

Tags: Black, White, Arts, Contrasting, Gray

Sweet_Nebula Private 26 32
TLC Bumping

TLC Bumping's guild

Tags: Bumping, Bump, Work, Hiring, Great pay

Palpable Love Public 15,281 65
The Gaian Summer WriMos Guild

Home of the Gaian Summer Writing Months, based off NaNoWriMo

Tags: Writing, NaNo, Stories, Novels, Summer

Psychotic Maniacal Sanity Public 17,109 673
Roman's Hide Away

Personal Guild

Tags: Roman, Spare, Mine

Roman Foi Public 244 4
Nutella Luvers

We are lovers of the great nutella.We are fanboys and fangirls.Join us today and lets hail the nutella together!

Tags: Nutella, Spongebob, Ghaypron, Chocolate, fukherightinthepusi

Barack Fookin Obamer Private 41 43
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