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~The Official Hipster Clan~

The Guild for all who absolutely love finding new avatars on Gaia and using them~!

Tags: Hipster, Fancy, DressNice, GaiaDressing, Swag

Rekt By Shrex Public 6 19
Kenshi Howl

The Canines of Gaia - Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, Dogs and Jackals

Tags: Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, Dogs, Tails Ears Fur

Iridescente Private 2 7
my lists


XxRainyCloudsxX Public 1,340 3
Locker 413

Dimi's storage unit

d i m i r h e x Private 97 1
Terra Nostra: First Contact (Under Construction)

An upcoming fantasy warfare role-play

Feiyimei Private 285 2
Portal to Equestria

Brony guild

Smash or Dash Public 13 5
美国中国食品 Měiguó Zhōngguó Shípǐn

Number One Guild For American Chinese Food Recipes

Serenity Of Crown Royal Public 2 1

MLPEQG and MLPEQGRR lovers join!


CCC User Public 2 1
Jojo's Bizarre Guild

a place for anything JJBA related!

Tags: jjba, jojo's bizarre adventure, anime

medamaude Public 1 1
Gor: A Lifestyle Guild

Loosely based on a sci-fi book series from the 60s and 70s, Gor is a subsection of BDSM that often extends into everyday life.

Tags: gorean, lifestyle, master, slave, bdsm

Alexander J Luthor Private 10 2
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