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Darth Daddicus and Jazzpancakes Children's Stories

A place for collaboration on children's stories

Tags: Writing, Books, Children's stories

Darth Daddicus Public 46 17
+||+ [[ Doki Doki Station ]] +||+ shox2 Private 373 1
A.W.E.S.O.M.E Art Guild

An ART Guild that helps Artist find drawing jobs here on Gaia.

Tags: artist, shop, gold, chibi, avi art

Fun Sized Toy Public 561 127

Let's have fun tekteking together! :)

Tags: tektek, writing, arts, avatar, tekteking

Chibi Marshmallowz Public 195 26
The Corpse Paint Guild

Dedicated to the style of face painting known as Corpse Paint.

Tags: Corpse Paint, Metal, Face Paint, Face Painting

Mors Morza Public 33 3

CameraCrew is a small guild for gaians, who like taking pictures.

Tags: Camera, Crew, Gaia, Pictures, Photos

II Mako II Public 2 4
They.Will.Promote.Artists {{TWPA}}

Want good, scam free art? We know where to get it!

Tags: Commissions, Cosplay, Free, Artwork, Promote

Angel Dominion Public 16 4

Perham Apathy Tactical Squad

Tags: Writing, Artistic

Chaos Xeloc Private 15 3
Cupcakes for the Crowds

My Art Shop

Tags: Cupcakes, Crowd, Freebies, Traditional, Avi Art

AkHolic Public 5 1
~!Art Sharing!~

This is a place where everyone and anyone shares their art.

Tags: artstuff, lineart, painting, yeah, awwwhyeah

-Gin-Akki- Public 9 7
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