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Artists of the Art Shops & Art Freebies Hangout

This is a guild for those of us that own an art shop or art freebie thread. Here you can chat with fellow artists.

Tags: art shops, art freebies, trades, gaia artists, commissions

coffeewife Public 383 150
The Tales Arc Series + other novels by F. D. Laurentine

A guild for promoting novels

Tags: Author, Novels, The Tales Arc, Promoting, Series

Jamie Robinson Public 92 12
The Marrow Of Life

A guild for any artists or fans of art - of any kind. Live deliberately!

Tags: Free Expression, Roleplay, Music, Writing, Visual Arts

Serf Lagazi Private 4,766 81

A guild for the DeviantART group of the same name for artists and art collectors.

Tags: Commissions, Art Collections, Artists

the0d0r Public 351 36
Artisans Unite!!!

This is a guild for Artists of many sorts and diffrent kinds! We love new active members with fresh new ideas!

Tags: Drawings, Writing, RPG's, Artist, Critics

XObsidianRoseX Public 6,554 23
♥ Avi Voting ♥

Art Stuff

Pix Jen Private 9 2
Adorable Avi Art Shoppe

All too adorable avatar shop for you.

Tags: avatar art, avatar, art shop, avatar art shop, drawings

Chyuuki-chan Public 405 62
Monster Creation

Create the best monster

Tags: monster, Creation, free gold, dream avi, free

inspirational blah Public 5 5
Avi Art :3 (And dream avi's glad to help) :3

Come and get ur dream avi or normal avi drawn

SR_Rukia_Kuchiki Public 3 3

Long before people used cards to play games, they were used to foretell the future. In fact, playing cards were invented for divination purp

Tags: Cards, Arts, drawing, divination, wings

- angelic hanael - Private 22 6
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