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The Valve Gaming Guild

This guild is dedicated to the Valve Corporation. Makers of Half Life.

Tags: Valve, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead

H y p n o t i c Fox Private 9,175 919
The Official Nintendo 3DS Guild

A guild where all the Nintendo 3DS owners can come together.

Tags: Nintendo 3DS, Friend Codes, N3DS, Nintendo, Mario

Jettyguy Public 5,602 600
Dragon's Guild

The Dragon's Guild Is a guild dedicated to gamers on gaia, whether it be casual or competitive players everyone is accepted

Tags: Titans, xbox, PlayStation, Steam, gaming

Dragosuar Private 35 36
Organization Daremo

for those who would like to join my Organization

Tags: Daremo, Charity, Organization, Roleplay

Xemnas Daremo Public 2 8
World Storm Gamers

game clan

Tags: teamwork, playing games

Wizel Rez Public 3 3
ROVU Players

A guild made for people that play ROVU~ Any Server player is welcome!~

Tags: Ragnarok, ROVU, Guild, Gaming, MMORPG

TheGildedHero Public 6 3
LoL Axis

If you want news about League, to meet new friends, or to discuss League in a friendly and safe environment, this is the place for you!

Tags: league, legends, moba, riot, game

Koi Nami Public 3 2
Goldy's Slots Party

A place to meet others who love playing slots.

Tags: slots, Goldy, contest, gaming

GoIdfishy Public 9 8
The Walking Dead TTG

Discussions of Gameplay/Decisions

Tags: The Walking Dead, Zombie games, Killing games, Gore, Blood

A1 Mo Public 3 2
Lexicon's Gaming Club

A place for gamers to hang out, find friends and generally enjoy themselves.

Tags: Video Games, Lexicon, Gaming, Club

The Lexicon Devil Public 12 3
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