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Final Fantasy Addicts Anonymous Guild

"Helping" Final Fantasy fans with their addictions since 2004.

Tags: Final Fantasy, RPGs, Square Enix

Ravenwolf Private 62,483 3,563
Gensokyo - The Touhou Project Guild

The biggest and most active Touhou guild on Gaia!

Tags: Touhou, Shooting, Games, Danmaku, Team Shanghai Alice

Lou-chan Public 16,633 1,132
Animal Crossing New Leaf (Events, Contest, and More!?)

Come and join this friendly and awesome Guild of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Were the Adventure never ends.

Tags: Animal Crossing, Games, Chat, Contest, Adventure

robertcros Public 1,330 271
Ninten Jump Stars

Nintendo ShonenJump under one roof

Tags: Nintendo, Shonen Jump

LLY Atem Public 3 10
The Ivalice Alliance

A Final Fantasy Fan Guild

Tags: Final, Fantasy, Ivalice, Alliance, Roleplay

Labrytte Private 87,722 293
For the Love of Tifa

Tags: tifa, lockheart, ffVII, final fantasy

X Badguy Public 31 20


Tags: Playstation, Xbox, Gaming, Steam, Nintendo

Anabolics Public 8,335 733
Gaming Channel Community

Do you have a let's play/gaming channel on a video site? Join us!

Tags: video games, channel, support, video, sharing

Clover_IceQueen Private 29 9
Elysium Warriors

we are earth army for God

Tags: Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Personal Computer, angels

Golden Rez Public 1 2
Fellow Summoners Unite!!!

If you play the Summoner's War app then this is the guild for you!

Tags: summoner, google, application, monsters, friends

Laststarleaf Public 3 2
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