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The Official Blizzard Guild

Blizzard Guild of Gaia

Tags: Blizzard, World, Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft

Zvahl Public 1,810 134
The Net Slum [a guild for .hack fans]

A guild for fans of the anime/game series, dot hack.

Tags: dot hack, .hack//sign, .hack//G.U., .hack, skeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiittthhh

Pink Plastic Ninja Private 88,597 2,704
Project DIVA

Do you like video games, Vocaloid, or even just pop anime music? Join Project DIVA. Whose name is based off the hit Japanese rhythm game.

Tags: Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune, Sega, Crypton Future Media inc, Play Station Portable PSP

Flying-Yoda Public 768 127
The Pokemon Wi-Fi Federation

A Friendly Active Pokemon Community linked together through the magic of Pokemon and Wi-Fi

Tags: Pokemon, Battles, Wifi, League, Trading

Roland Karloseth Public 125,272 935
Animal Crossing New Leaf (Events, Contest, and More!?)

Come and join this friendly and awesome Guild of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Were the Adventure never ends.

Tags: Animal Crossing, Games, Chat, Contest, Adventure

robertcros Public 1,293 254
.:: Dota Addicts ::.

Dota game is top 1 !!!

Tags: Defend Of The Anicient, Dota, Warcraft, Frozen Throne, World Of Warcraft

Marclyn Public 455 168
The Official LoZ: Four Swords Plus Fan Guild

Are you a fan of Zelda, Four Swords, or Four Swords Plus? This is the place you belong, bruh! So clicky the join button! NOW!

Tags: Link, Four Swords, Legend of Zelda, Four Swords Plus, Shadow Link

Littlestar411 Private 168 3
MC Server - GaiaCraft

Semi Vanilla Server - PVE, Non-Griefing

Tags: Minecraft, Server, Gaming

moonia takashi Public 8 12
Kasumi Dead Or Alive

This a guild based on the Dead Or Alive series

Kasumi6789 Public 8 2
PIC LTD Gaia Online Edition

We are PIC LTD from Travians

Myrskyteoria Private 2 2
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