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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duellists of Gaia

YDoG is an all TCG guild for all duellists. We also cover the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! games, shows, manga and RPG.

Tags: Yugioh, Tournament, Duel, Trading Card Game, Anime

JRHUnknown Private 82,139 2,315

A guild reserved for members of Integrability

Tags: .hack, dothack, anime, games, cyberconnect

Edan McKie Public 32 34
The Official Nintendo 3DS Guild

A guild where all the Nintendo 3DS owners can come together.

Tags: Nintendo 3DS, Friend Codes, N3DS, Nintendo, Mario

Jettyguy Public 5,614 607
The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda Fan guild with role playing

Tags: Zelda, Link, Legend, Triforce, Nintendo

x-TeaseMe Public 48,109 548
Booty Grab

Join to earn gold! Tell your Friends and Insert your Tanks here!

Tags: Gold, Aquarium, Booty, Grab, Fish

JoelGoldMan40605 Public 1,776 5,719
Gamers World Wide

Gamers from around the world and from all platforms are welcome here.

Tags: games, playstation, xbox, computer, nintendo

PandasKitten Public 32 11
Goldy's Slots Party

A place to meet others who love playing slots.

Tags: slots, Goldy, contest, gaming

GoIdfishy Public 11 8
Defense Of The Ancient 2(Dota or Dota 2)

To make friends and to play with each other in dota 2

Tags: Dota, Pc gaming, dota 2

HiromiWasabe Public 17 5
Monster Hunter : Gaia Guild

A place for a community to grow for all fans of Monster Hunter, new and old. (Guild is still in the process of being formed)

Tags: Monster, Hunter, Online, Gaming, Roleplaying

Sait0shi Private 38 4
Diamond Boys Style

Stay Silent Like Assassin

Tags: Diamond, Boys, Style, Anime, Gamers

DBS Beyond The God Public 5 13
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