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Nexon's: Mabinogi players!

Hey there! This is a guild for all those gaians out there, who are also Mabinogians! XD You can join as long as you play Mabinogi.

Tags: Mabinogi, Online games, Nexon

ninninja8 Public 255 7
HP Restored

Facebook Community of Gamers

Tags: Gaming, MMORPG, First Person Shooter, MOBA

Mr Kaleo Public 7 3

A guild created for gamers, by gamers.

Tags: Gaming, Gamer, Video Games, Xbox, Playstation

Thor o-o Private 4,222 327
Dark Legion Gaming

Play with us or be sacrifice to the Dark Lord

Tags: Fun times, Random, Gaming, sacrifice, achievements

Program_Virus Public 2,332 187

For all the Noob who don't want to be Pro

Tags: Zomg Noob life, New kids block, Funny time yaay, Who's Need Buffs, King Zomg Leader

NinjakingD11 Public 17 40
The Sims Guild

A guild for all things Sims created by Maxis/EA.

Tags: simulation, god games, story telling, custom, Sims

Menaceman Private 19,448 1,129
Welcome to Nosgoth - a Legacy of Kain fanguild

Tags: Vampires, Raziel, Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Eidos

Kain Balance Guardian Private 43,291 63
Mario Kart Legends ~GO!~

GO! - Gaia Online's premier Mario Kart racing clan.

Tags: Mario, Kart, Nintendo, Wifi, Online

Chibi-MiMi-Chan Private 18,614 35
Frosty Productions Hub

Frosty Productions Game Hub

Tags: True, Gamming, Project

Maxilene Private 17 2
Dragon Nation

A nationstates region guild.

Tags: Nationstates, Region, Voting, Recruitment, Friends

I went down to georgia Private 2 1
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