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The Sims Guild

A guild for all things Sims created by Maxis/EA.

Tags: simulation, god games, story telling, custom, Sims

Menaceman Private 19,484 1,143
Otakus and Gamer's Guild

We dedicate ourselves into the art of gaming and being our Geeky True Form.

Tags: Anime, Consoles, Manga, TV Series, Movies

Ranger of PR Public 69 39
The Official Blizzard Guild

Blizzard Guild of Gaia

Tags: Blizzard, World, Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft

Zvahl Public 1,819 142
For the Love of Tifa

Tags: tifa, lockheart, ffVII, final fantasy

X Badguy Public 29 20
Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy VII Guild JediSquirrel34 Public 88 16
The Official Metal Gear Solid Guild Rath-Kun Public 3,131 124
LOVELESS Ave. FF7 Club driffted_sorrow Public 3 1
The official Cloud Strife cosplay Guild

This is guild is about Cosplaying Final Fantasay

Tags: Final Fantasy, CLoud Strife, Cloud, FFVII, Tifa

Billy kun381 Public 6 1
Final Fantasy Final Mix

This guild is about all the Final Fantasy characters old and new

Tags: kingdom hearts, final fantasy Vll, final fantasy Xll, favorite final fantasy characters, favorite kingdom hearts characters

Shadow Cloud 1474 Public 1,576 106
Monster Hunter Tri Guild


Tags: Monster Hunter Tri

Sound and Light Public 1,063 133
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