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The Official Pokémon Guild

Gaia's #1 Pokémon Guild. Come talk, trade, battle, or just hang out!

Tags: Pokemon, Black White, HeartGold SoulSilver, ORAS, Nintendo

Artemis Wolfe Public 241,659 8,342
The Runescape Guild

Tags: Runescape, skilling, non-drama, helpful

Airazor Private 100,991 364
League of Legends Clash of the Fates Guild

League of Legends

Tags: League of Legends, Free Game, DotA, MOBA, Action RPG

Hel_LokisDaughter Public 2,143 697
Team Utopic

Group to Organize Some RPs

Ultimate Baku Public 24 12

Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy Group

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Fated

Fated Kairi Private 196 45
Gaming is fun

Playing games

Tags: Video games, Computer, Funny, Game boy, Laugh

Miss Shadow Night Public 4 4
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children +REUNION+ [`SEPHIROTH`] Public 10,170 480

A club for a secret game.

Tenkai Matsumoto Private 97 12
Pokemon Adventures: The New Journey

A Pokemon based role play that takes place in all areas of the Poke-universe

Tags: Pokemon, RolePlay, AlphaSapphire, OmegaRuby, PokeXYZ

XxxBlackfang_ShewolfxxX Private 3 1
Mine Mine Mine (A Minecraft Guild)

A guild with all your Minecraft needs. Servers, contests, Realms, maps, and more.

Tags: Minecraft, Servers, Contests, Steve, Mining

That Little Neko Public 2 1
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