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Final Fantasy VIII Fan Guild

For hardcore fans of Final Fantasy VIII

Tags: Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy VIII, Ragnarok, Rinoa, Squall

Grims Sakura Private 13,471 483
Kirby Giveaway Guild

Giving lots of items and gold.

Tags: Kirby, Donation, Giving, Giveaway

StarRodKirby Public 966 26
Double Edge League

Pokemon League/ Region Role Play

Tags: Pokemon, Pokemon Competition, Pokemon League, Nintendo 3DS

Project_Roddy Public 43 11
The Original Legend of Dragoon guild

A place for LoD lovers to hang out, created by the same person who created the very first LoD guild on gaia. just hop on in and enjoy

Tags: dragoon, fantasy, game, dragon

saxxon the dragoon Public 545 24

Guild for all fans of Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi and other KOEI games!

Tags: Warriors, Orochi, Dynasty, Samurai, Koei

IshidaMaeda Public 6,788 39
Tales of the Universe™

A guild for hard-core Tales of (Series) fans!

Tags: Tales of (Series), Roleplay, Gaming, Cosplay, Family

YggdrasiII Public 17 23
Blue Dragonflight

Fight against the unknown rebellions!

Tags: World of Warcraft, Gaming, Guild, Talking, Everything

Kalecgos Public 5 2
♚ Titans of Tera

A guild for anyone who plays Tera Online, we also welcome other mmorpg players, and people curious about Tera!

Tags: Tera Online, mmorpg, Role play, fantasy, discussion

A Pregnant Giraffe Private 45 37
Tanos D&D info

My personal D&D information

Ohhmaru-Concoo-Tanoweichi Private 32 1
Crusaders Quest!

A guild dedicated to those who play the game "Crusaders Quest"!

Tags: Crusaders, Quest, Apple iOS, Android, Role Playing Game

Fin Rhia Public 2 1
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