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The Elder Scrolls

The best place to discuss anything Elder Scrolls related.

Tags: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls, Role Playing, Skyrim, Gaming

JadenSalling Public 3,555 567
Toran Castle Melikochan Private 1,985 80
Rune Factory Guild of Gaia

A guild for those who enjoy the Rune Factory game franchise, and would like to meet other players.

Tags: Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Rune, Factory

Ventuswill Private 1,973 128
UNSC Delta Base

This is Delta. The base of operations for all active UNSC forces. All able bodied men and women are asked to serve for humanity's survival.

Tags: Halo, ODST, Video Games, Role Play, Xbox 360

daarken Public 43 14
Pokemon Breeders Inc

A useful guild for breeding and exchanging pokemon!

Tags: pokemon, breeder, trade, breeding, eggs

Dollottie Public 536 69
The Unholy Family.

A family. To support, to stand, to be outstanding.

Tags: Family, Together, Unholy, Respected, group

The Unholy Nightmare Public 13 13
Citizens of Terraria

Terraria fan guild for all fans of Terraira

Tags: Terraria

Miles Marshall Public 108 37
Xbox360 Gamers United

Tags: Microsoft, Xbox, gaming, gamertag

shimawara Public 202 148


Tags: Horse, Headi, Guild

sonicpie1 Public 9 7
Dark Legion Gaming

Play with us or be sacrifice to the Dark Lord

Tags: Fun times, Random, Gaming, sacrifice, achievements

Program_Virus Public 2,341 182
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