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Pokémon: In With The Old [All Regions]

A Guild centered around all the Pokemon Nintendo can offer. Mainly an RP Guild, but there are OOC threads if that tickles your fancy.

Tags: Nintendo, Pokemon, Pikachu, Charizard, Kanto/Johto

Dr Henry McCoy Public 16,853 20
The Official League of Legends Guild

LoL Guild for the Gaian Community of LoL Players

Tags: League of Legends, Online Gaming, MOBA, Multiplayer, Riot Games

Ezelus Public 616 366
Under The Sea

booty grab guild.

Tags: booty, grab, gold, fish, contest

Zombie_cabaret Private 3,314 116
The Official Dynasty Warriors Guild

Talk about your favourite characters, levels etc.. with other DW fans!

Tags: Dynasty, Warriors, Strikeforce, Characters, Help

IC510 Public 2,130 287
Dragon's Guild

The Dragon's Guild Is a guild dedicated to gamers on gaia, whether it be casual or competitive players everyone is accepted

Tags: Titans, xbox, PlayStation, Steam, gaming

Dragosuar Private 34 36
♚ Titans of Tera

A guild for anyone who plays Tera Online, we also welcome other mmorpg players, and people curious about Tera!

Tags: Tera Online, mmorpg, Role play, fantasy, discussion

Sailor Bunnyhime Private 42 32
DevPro League

A Online League For The DevPro Dueling Program

Tags: Yugioh, DevPro, Online, Duel, Tournament

xxChaosInfinityxx Private 2 7
Official PS4 Guild

Guild For Playstation 4 Gamers That Want To Play And Share With Others On Gaia

Tags: play, station, playstation, four, gaming

HYFRage- Public 2 1
Tera Online ♡

A Guild to become friends through Tera!

Tags: Tera Online, Games, Friends, Tera, MMORPG

Gay Swim Club Public 2 1

Where we can compile our ideas

Tags: RPG Maker, Story, Ideas, Group, Lolipop

AkemiElemental Private 3 3
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