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The Roleplay Refuge

A welcome and friendly place where many Role Plays are encouraged

Tags: Role Playing, Community

Magni Prime Private 364,144 299
The School of Dedicated Roleplayers

A general roleplay guild with emphasis on improving RPers.

Tags: Roleplaying, Tutoring, School, School of Dedicated Role Players, RPing

School Of Dedicated RPers Private 968,109 12,873
We Live to RP ◕ ◡ ◕

We All Have One Purpose & It's To RP!

Tags: Romance ❤, Adventure ✈, Horror ☠, Fanfic(s) ✎

PockiiMonster_Rawr1 Public 23,234 508
[ Dark Tribe ] Realm of the B'alam The Grand Weaver Private 664 63
Infinite Loyalty { A Yaoi RP Guild }

Two hearts find each other, once realizing 'Love' Between the two, Theyre hearts collide into one, Leaving it a soul shared by two

Tags: Yaoi, Romance, Roleplay

SaltyMeatballs Public 454 28
The Family: A Mafia roleplay guild ((u/c))

In a city of Clearcrest, The Family thrives, will you join the fun?

Tags: Mafia, City, Violence, Roleplay, Drama

Angel Of Blood Moons Public 113 13
World of Narra

Is it your Dream or your Nightmare, choose your Destiny

Tags: romance, dream, action, warefare, roleplay

Ophelia Hatter Public 78 11
Dreams and Bubbles

Where mun gods go to play.

Divena Private 4,503 10
El Gato, La Estrella y El Castillo

Guild de rol

Tags: Hispano, Roleo, Dungeons & Dragons

Joa_The_White_Knight Private 197 10
[OPEN] Puella Magi Madoka Magica RP

A Magical Girl Roleplay. Looking for 5-10 people who are literate/active~

Tags: puella magi madoka magica, pmmm, magical girls, roleplay, open

otatoh Public 21 2
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