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The 'Read only manga' guild: Open to all who love manga!

The Best manga guild...ever.

Tags: Manga

Darks sister Public 3,936 718
The Official Fruits Basket and Pita Ten Guild SapphireSara Public 10,372 1,265
Straw Hat Pirates - A One Piece Guild Silver Skull Private 3,921 469
St. Johns Prep Anime Club

There is a lot of meanng in a name.

Radical Knight Private 692 7
Dragon Eye VIUS Warriors

We dedicate our love and devotion to the best manga on the Earth, Dragon Eye.

Tags: Dragon Eye, Issa Kazuma, Kairi Fujiyama, Manga, VIUS

Kasumi Reiaba Public 275 25
Shadow of a Dragon

Comic Fan Base

Tags: Dungeons and Dragons, Fan Base, Comic, Manga

Ethem Public 244 11
Manga Art Club

corner for manga lovers and artist

Tags: manga, arts, love, anime, drawing

iDan-SkyDweller Public 1,131 314
Deliciously Insipid

A crazy compilation of epic tales

Tags: Manga, Comic, Original, Homemade, Funny

Luna de Nuit Private 25 17
+Holy Love+

the official +Holy Love+ manga guild. if you wish to join send in a request and tell me who the robot is.

Tags: angel, school, love, warrior, manga

mrioby Private 7 1
Dawn of a new generation.

This is a One Piece RP Guild for people with a good amount of knowledge about the series, both anime and manga.

Tags: One Piece, Pirates, Story, Role Play, Anime Manga

Schrei Ein Private 4 4
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