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Infinite Hamlet [A 1/2 WangZi Guild]

Infinite Hamlet is Gaia's First 1/2 Prince Guild! XD

Tags: 1/2 Prince, 1/2 Ouji, 1/2 WangZi, Second Life, Manhua

Lunalover009 Public 2,845 160
Miss Grey webcomic fan guild

Guild dedicated to the webcomic Miss Grey!

Tags: supernatural, paranormal, comic, webcomic, anime

Vegapunkprime Public 56 12
07-Ghost Guild

A guild for 07-Ghost fans.

Tags: 07-Ghost, anime, manga

vampireneko57 Public 1,045 76
House of Manga

Welcome to the house of manga

Tags: Manga, Role Play

PrincessSerenity_Mkingdom Public 9 8
Official +Anima Guild

Love the +Anima manga series? Then join the Official +Anima Fan Guild.

Tags: +Anima, Cooro, Husky, Senri, Nana

bunop Public 753 177
the world of Gaian Manga

talk about your favorite character, what you think will happen next,what character you think you'd be, and you favorite story

Tags: Manga adict, Manga lover, Manga liker, Manga reader, Manga rookie

TheDevil-sDoom Public 12 5
The noob-support guild, Canard

for first-time roleplayers and noob-support

Tags: .hack, noob-support

PVT Artemis Alpha Public 271 4
~*Kain's Story*~

This is a story made by me, that has friends as the characters~

Kain Aronoele Private 29 14
Derixa City

A place where dreams and goals can come true at your fingertips~

Tags: founders, derixia city, supernatural wars

IshtarSilver Public 18 4
The Betrayal Knows My Name Roleplay

For anyone who likes the Anime/manga

Tags: Uraboku, manga, anime, role play, love

Shuusei Usui Public 1 1
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