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Official +Anima Guild

Love the +Anima manga series? Then join the Official +Anima Fan Guild.

Tags: +Anima, Cooro, Husky, Senri, Nana

bunop Public 753 177
Miss Grey webcomic fan guild

Guild dedicated to the webcomic Miss Grey!

Tags: supernatural, paranormal, comic, webcomic, anime

Vegapunkprime Public 56 12
Infinite Hamlet [A 1/2 WangZi Guild]

Infinite Hamlet is Gaia's First 1/2 Prince Guild! XD

Tags: 1/2 Prince, 1/2 Ouji, 1/2 WangZi, Second Life, Manhua

Lunalover009 Public 2,845 159
07-Ghost Guild

A guild for 07-Ghost fans.

Tags: 07-Ghost, anime, manga

vampireneko57 Public 1,045 76
House of Manga

Welcome to the house of manga

Tags: Manga, Role Play

PrincessSerenity_Mkingdom Public 9 8
the world of Gaian Manga

talk about your favorite character, what you think will happen next,what character you think you'd be, and you favorite story

Tags: Manga adict, Manga lover, Manga liker, Manga reader, Manga rookie

TheDevil-sDoom Public 12 5
The noob-support guild, Canard

for first-time roleplayers and noob-support

Tags: .hack, noob-support

PVT Artemis Alpha Public 271 4
~*Kain's Story*~

This is a story made by me, that has friends as the characters~

Kain Aronoele Private 29 14
The Betrayal Knows My Name Roleplay

For anyone who likes the Anime/manga

Tags: Uraboku, manga, anime, role play, love

Shuusei Usui Public 1 1
Black Bird

A roleplay on the black bird manga.... or just have fun roleplaying with manga chracters... fall in love with clan leaders...

Tags: Role play, Black Bird, Anime, Manga, love

Stevie Ray 94 Public 9 5
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