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The Gakuen Alice Community

A place for Gakuen Alice fans of all kinds to unite!

Tags: Gakuen Alice, Alice Academy, Community, Manga, Anime

novation Public 2,059 193
-=Axis Powers Hetalia Guild=- PARTY AT RUSSIA'S PLACE!

The place to go for all your Hetalia needs.

Tags: hetalia, manga, anime

Madame Royale Private 19,141 1,073
Leaving Pawprints

The ORIGINAL InuBaka fan-guild!

Tags: InuBaka, Baka, Manga, Pets, Dogs

o_0M a i a0_o Public 104 10
The Vassalord Guild. Join Us, We Bite.

This is a guild dedicated to the awesomeness that is Vassalord.

Tags: Vampires, yaoi, Nanae Chrono, Johnny Rayflo, Cherry

light sucks Public 512 34
House of Manga

Welcome to the house of manga

Tags: Manga, Role Play

PrincessSerenity_Mkingdom Public 9 8
"She Is Our God" (A Pacthesis fan guild.)

She's made impressions on the thousands who've played her games, and read her manga. Fans of Tomo, Emerald Moon, and Sim Dates unite here!

Tags: Pacthesis, Amy Luong, Sim Date, Emerald Moon, Packy

Not Pacthesis Public 36 36
Bullets & Carnage ~DOGS~

This is guild for any fans of DOGS and Shirow Miwa.

Tags: Bullets and Carnage, Shirow Miwa, Naoto, Haine, Badou

izuna_13_13 Public 339 25
the world of Gaian Manga

talk about your favorite character, what you think will happen next,what character you think you'd be, and you favorite story

Tags: Manga adict, Manga lover, Manga liker, Manga reader, Manga rookie

TheDevil-sDoom Public 12 5
The noob-support guild, Canard

for first-time roleplayers and noob-support

Tags: .hack, noob-support

PVT Artemis Alpha Public 271 4
Black Bird

A roleplay on the black bird manga.... or just have fun roleplaying with manga chracters... fall in love with clan leaders...

Tags: Role play, Black Bird, Anime, Manga, love

Stevie Ray 94 Public 9 5
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