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The Eyeshield 21 Guild anime_punkette Public 155 6
Shugo Chara: Amuto iMightBeYourDad Public 453 205
.- Naruto Girls -.

Hi alll...: This is a guild i created simply for naruto characters and fans .

Tags: Naruto girls, Leaf ninja, Shippuden girls, Naruto Shinobi, Naruto

iKurenai Yuhi sensei Public 1,223 182
The Super Fighting Spirits

A guild for only the manliest manga demographic around.

Tags: Dragon Ball, Anime, Manga, Shounen, Martial Arts

Gally_Angel_of_Death Public 294 25
Konohagakure no Sato

A Naruto hangout guild with ninja

Tags: Naruto, roleplay, cosplay, manga, Naruto Shippuden

Medic-nin Sakura Haruno Private 3,033 224

I want to delete.

Galosher Public 351 1
Everything Naruto

Naruto forums on character profiles, cosplay gaias, pictures and MUCH MORE!!!!

Tags: Naruto, Anime, Manga, Everything, Cosplay

DelusionalSailor Public 4 3
Birth of Nations: Clan Wars [U/C]

This is the birth of the Great Nations, where legends come from.

Tags: Naruto, RPing, Clans, Bijuu, Before the series

Angelo Inferni Public 297 14
Manga Lords

The Official Gaian Guild for Manga Fans!

Tags: Manga, Lovers, Official, Lords, Fans

Prince Vade Public 2 3
Manga R Us

This is a guild to Read Manga No Ecchii

Tags: Manga, Read, Anime, Awesome, Cool

Wild King Jay Public 14 6
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