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VNManiacs IstarDD Private 2,380 77
Team Demons

2k14 swaqqq

xcamilleee Public 251 20
Hareru Michi

Anime, manga, anything. All is welcome in this madhouse of a guild!

Tags: keroro, muhyo, anime, hamster, lolwut

xKururu Public 15 15
AIAG|online|: GO x FF7 - The Guild

Guild for AIAG character rpers and it's own world within Gaiaonline.

Tags: AIAG, Sephiroth, Gaiaonline, Parody, Roleplay

Nashdell Private 238 13
Heart No Kuni No Alice/Alice in the country of Hearts

The "Heart No Kuni No Alice/Alice in the country of hearts" Guild is a Guild where You can voice your opinions of this outstanding manga

Tags: Heart, Kuni, Alice, Country, Peter

Peter-White-Rabbit Public 43 19
Anime/Manga hangout!!

For people who love anime and manga!

Tags: manga, anime, chat, Artist, role playing

sara.w. Public 84 26
The Students Of The Nightschool

A guild inspired by the manga collection named "Nightschool"

Tags: Nightschool, Alexius Treveney, Sarah Treveney, The Weirn Books, Svetlana Chmakova

X_Ed FullMetal Elric_X Public 18 22

The guild for fans of Inoue Orihime

Tags: Orihime, Inoue, Bleach, Fanclub, Ingenue

Bois Dentelle Public 8 3
Drawing White Rabbit

A guild about Yukiru Sugisaki's Manga

Tags: Yukiru Sugisaki, D.N. Angel, Brain Powerd, Candidate for Goddess, Manga

thshrztztrzr Public 22 8
Naruto Akatsuki Attack KurtHummelChrisColfer Public 3 1
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