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Manga Maniacs Guild

Talk and rant about manga!

Tags: manga, anime

Minaiko Private 5,531 614
自信 jishin- a naruto guild.

a serious guild to discuss naruto ♥

Tags: naruto, girls, anime, manga, japan

aya takamoto Private 248 72
Kira's Display

Come look and critque my art.

Tags: critque, comic, anime, fine art, naruto

Foxgirl_Kira Public 546 14

We can go on and on how and why you should join but we'd rather say, "Just do it." and wink.

Tags: Cheshire, Pandora Hearts, Abyss, Chains, Contractor

Cheshire Feles Private 55,613 33
The Original Akatsuki

If you wanna be in the akatsuki this is the place to go!

Tags: akatsuki, role play, anime, manga, naruto

atwood11 Public 743 52
Kamichama Karin

This guild is for people who like Kamichama Karin.

Tags: Manga, Random, Anime, Mini Gods, Romance

Azn_Expo_Marker Public 153 39
the world god only knows

join if you have what it takes

Tags: manga, anime, gods, conquest, pfp gal games

Siegrain_the_overlord Public 61 9
Black Bird ((Role Play off of the manga))

role play off of the manga Black Bird!

Tags: Black Bird manga, Role Play, Misao, Kyou

MewMewMocha Public 27 8
Hourou Musuko

Manga/Anime Guild dedicated to Hourou Musuko

Tags: Hourou Musuko, Wandering Son, Suichi Nitori, Yoshino Takatsuki, Saori Chiba

Catboy67 Public 38 9
Shining Tears X wing

a war for peace

Tags: drakness, light, evil, death, magic

Ichigo_Kurosaki2028 Public 92 8
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