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Vampire Knight Fan Club - Looking for members!!

Tags: vampire knight, romance, zero, yuki, kaname

Dosteikke Public 352 112
~Do-Bo*Jo!~ A Koge-Donbo* Guild

A place to discuss the many works that Koge-Donbo* created. Guild includes roleplaying.

Tags: Koge Donbo, Kamichama Karin, Pita Ten, DiGi Charat, Mangaka

kpuoc kryos Private 5,422 49
DWMA A Soul Eater RP Guild

Soul Eater RP Guild. Can be Wich, Weapon, Kishin, Meister, Animal Wich, Meister Weapon. Forge your own destiny!

Tags: Soul Eater Role Play Guild, Enteraniment, Multiple types of characters, Forge Character's own Destiny, Fun thriller guild

Shadowfire Rynn Public 221 14
The Original Akatsuki

If you wanna be in the akatsuki this is the place to go!

Tags: akatsuki, role play, anime, manga, naruto

atwood11 Public 743 53

O'Mangazine is a manga magazine created by the O'Malley Sisters!

Tags: Manga, Magazine, Reviews

ambercrystal Public 93 9
Black Bird ((Role Play off of the manga))

role play off of the manga Black Bird!

Tags: Black Bird manga, Role Play, Misao, Kyou

MewMewMocha Public 27 8
Hourou Musuko

Manga/Anime Guild dedicated to Hourou Musuko

Tags: Hourou Musuko, Wandering Son, Suichi Nitori, Yoshino Takatsuki, Saori Chiba

Catboy67 Public 38 9
Shining Tears X wing

a war for peace

Tags: drakness, light, evil, death, magic

Ichigo_Kurosaki2028 Public 92 8
xXVocaloid Attitude-A roleplayXx

A roleplay vocaloid guild.

Tags: Vocaloid, Miku, Len Rin, roleplay, Singing

xXLittle_OtakuXx Public 46 20
Winter World

winter time is always here

Tags: snow lord, snow king, snow queen, snow jacker, snow mister

antoniethegreat Public 5 5
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