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The Official NHL Guild of Gaia

Its a place where people can talk about the NHL, or can just chillax

Tags: NHL Teams, Hockey, USA Leagues, Canada Leagues, chill

DGDT4TT00 Public 170 47
The Gaian Baseball Guild -The Giants are your '10 WS Champ!

Discuss general opinions on baseball and everything in between in the best baseball guild on Gaia!

Tags: Baseball, Sports, Discussion, Contest, Gold

Boston Sports Fan Private 4,306 179
Track Star

If you like running this is the place to be track,cross country or just little sprints

Tags: sports, running, amazing, cool, awsome

iEatIceCreamCream Public 206 53
backyard wrestlingv2

fight to knock out

Tags: have fun, wrestle, try to win, be the best

its a cosplayer Public 158 34
The Official Lacrosse Guild

Lacrosse Players, Fans are ALL WELCOME!!

Tags: Lacrosse, Sports, Spring, National Lacrosse Leage, Major League Lacrosse

Velmonte Public 16 4
The Volleyball guild

A great vollyball guild for those who like to play, watch, or talk about vollyball

Tags: vollyball, serving, sports, bump, setting

The Great alyH Private 1 1
The Official Bowling Guild

Even if your not a pro, you will be welcomed here!

Tags: Bowling, Pins, Ball, USBC, Sport

Pezking343 Public 2 1
Officialy Swagg Out

this guild is use for chilling geting money nd spending it

Tags: money, friends, rich, balling, fresh

Official Air Public 3 3
Young N Fresh

Well the name pretty much says it .... u have to be 17 and under to join

Tags: Anything, ThatT, Involves, Sports, XDDDD

Ohh Snapplez Public 7 17
Parkour stuff


waarkiller Public 5 10
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