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Gaian Wrestling Federation

Tags: wrestling, e-fed, sport, game

wolfpack1903 Public 834 42
Revamping NBA Guild of 2006 [2012-2013 season underway]

Revamping Guild for hot topic discussions and much more!

Tags: National Basketball Association, Basketball, Sports

Hypnotic_Blaze Public 1,931 212
Extreme Gaia Wrestling-EGW

Primarily wrestling discussion, but plenty of other topics!

Tags: Pro Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Nonstop Action, Independent

Rumblestiltskin Public 3,364 34
Parkour masters

discuss the meanings of parkour and diffrent moves.we will have incoming videos with the greatest parkour legend soon.

Tags: parkour

ll Ayo0_Parkour Freak ll Public 16 33
WCCW-World Class Championship Wrestling!

Gaia wrestling!!!

Tags: Wrestling, Sports, WCCW, wwe tna, federation

FallenAngelSuicideSilence Public 170 25
The Official Kendo Guild

Where kendoist can come together and share there experiences while having a good time.

Tags: kendo, kenshi, shinai, bogu, sensei

LeoOfOdium Public 132 94
MMA Fanzone

For fans of MMA

Tags: Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship

black_wing_angel Public 127 6
L.A Life

Lakers rule

LonnnnngggggD Public 6 14

this is a guild for those people who like to race and as a bonus u get payed if u win three games in a row.

Tags: -OhhAndre-OD

Tenant v3 Private 4 9

need to have the bravery and heart of a runner.

Tags: ninja, waffles, waffle, parkour, free running

123sorent Public 5 10
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