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i GoT bLeAcHeD !!

YOUR #1 bLeAcH FaNgUiLd !! A pLaCe FoR aLL bLeAcH fAnS!! Discussions, games, fun, community ~

Tags: Bleach, Anime, Ichigo, Zanpakutou, Roleplay

Colonel Gabrielle Private 14,149 417
Otakus Hide Together

Feel alone in your anime dwelling life? That manga making you cry again? Wanted to talk about it? That's what we're here for, step right in.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Otaku, Weeaboo, Japanese

xX-The God Of Conquest-Xx Private 232 229

Ginko is Love. Ginko is Life.

Tags: Ginko, Mushi-Shi

mistybluesky Public 5 6
Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~

Enter into the world of the Shinsegumi with all the characters that we love!

Tags: Hakuoki, Shinsegumi, Anime, Warriors, Hijikata

saria rose Public 5 1
Eternal Sailor Moon Guild

an Anime/manga group with a lot of Sailor Moon and other stuff

Tags: sailor moon, sailor senshi, anime, manga, roleplays

Sailor pandabear Public 3,982 109
Clan Of The Dragon!

Stronger than ever!

Tags: Clan, Respect, Honor, Friendship, Family

PhycoDevilLover Private 21 2
Naruto: Into The Depths of Darkness [Open & Accepting!]

A semi-literate to literate Naruto role play guild where you can be yourself and rise to the rank of Shinobi. Do you have what it takes?

Tags: Naruto, Jutsu, Roleplay, Ninja

dark0angel13 Private 878 13
Love Live! (ラブライブ!) School Idol Project

Fan Guild devoted to Love Live!

Tags: Love Live!, School Idol, anime, school girls, iDOLM@STER

Ayumi Himekawa Public 40 43
❦Cute High Earth Defense Club Love❦

A guild for your Magical Boy Needs, Come talk about the Battle Lovers!

Tags: Anime, Magical Boys, Battle Lovers, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, Conquest Club

AlyTheChu09 Public 13 3
Clan Tanaka

All Tanaka Shinobi and bloodline welcome

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Tanaka, Anime, Jutsu

Ji Tanaka Private 4 6
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