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The Official Dragonball Z Fan Guild

Tags: Dragon, Ball, Anime, Goku

Fwooper Public 27,486 2,386

Anime? Manga? Games? RPs? Cookies? Cake? Pie? CHEEZE? Sound good enough for you? JOIN NOW!!!!..........Oh, ya...did I mention the many more?

Tags: Anime, ~Animanga~, Randomness, Games, Manga

KuroKageHane Public 3,123 407
Master & Slaves -your control-

This is for those who love to RP Slave & masters

Tags: Slave, Master, Love

Taiga_Chans Public 16,870 241
Shojo Beat

Romance anime/manga free join ^_~

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Shojo Beat, Manga, Romance

Siera Serenity Star Public 251 308
Kagerou Project and Shuuen no Shiori/Tumblr

A Guild based off of the 2 Projects

Tags: Shuuen no Shiori, Kagerou Project, Tumblr, Vocaloid, Kagerou Days

PhantomZChampion Public 40 21
Ultimate Role Play Guild

Anime, A creative mind, and lots of fun. Nothing else is needed.

Tags: Arts, Role Play, Overlooked Cosplayer, Manga, Anime

Overlooked Cosplayer Public 10,239 2
Danshokugakure~ Village Hidden in the Buttsecks

Home of Fags, Fangirls, and Victims Galore~

Tags: Naruto, Yaoi, Buttsecks, Shounen-Ai, Role-playing

Dyzzi Private 30,843 249
Fate/Stay Night - Endless Dreams

A Fate/Stay Night Guild

Tags: Fate/Stay Night, Anime, Fate/Extra, Servant, Master

Zahadrin Private 655 10
ANIME! The Club.

This is the place to talk about your favorite anime, manga, and cosplays! Have fun!

Tags: Anime, attack on titan, black butler, manga, cosplay

DarkStormClouds Public 23 19
Gaia Gundam Alliance

A guild dedicated to helping Gundam fans come together.

Tags: Gundam, Gunpla, Gundamu, Anime, Mecha

PhantomBlaze09 Public 3 1
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