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Kamen Rider Heroes of the World

a guild for people that like kamen rider and much more

Tags: Kamen Rider, Anime, Movies, Games

Kamen Rider G Public 4,081 135

Everything for the love of Noragami!

Tags: noragami, anime, yukine, yato, fantasy

Twinkieu Public 27 25
code geass fever the sequel

The first ever combined code geass guild

Tags: lelouch, Code Geass, anime, role playing, official

V_Z999 Public 438 107
soul society rpg

Tags: role play, bleach, soul socity, anime, soul reaper

Tenten1568 Public 117 7
Mare Serenitatis

a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon hang-out

Tags: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, otaku hangout

Gizen-Hime Public 33 4
Super Anime-Manga Aficionados

A discussion guild for ALL & ANY type of anime and manga

Tags: Anime, Manga, Discussion, Attack on Titan, Artwork

BraelynNK Public 25 13
The Art Of Otaku

Love anime? Love manga? Love both? It doesn't matter, please join me and everyone else who loves Role-Play.

Tags: anime, manga, roleplay, anime/manga, anime RP

DarkPsychobunny Public 10 12
Attack On Titan RP

an Aot Rp group

Tags: Attackontitan, Roleplay, Mikasa, Cosplay, Join

lVlikasa Public 15 9
Gaia Gundam Alliance

A guild dedicated to helping Gundam fans come together.

Tags: Gundam, Gunpla, Gundamu, Anime, Mecha

PhantomBlaze09 Public 3 1
All Animes

For all people that like to chat about animes

Tags: Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, School

Robin-Senpai Public 1 4
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