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~Soul Eater~

A Soul Eater Fan Club, for Soul Eater Fans. :3

Tags: Soul Eater, Soul Eater Fan Club, Fan Club, Anime, Manga

Uruha_the gazettE Public 5,750 1,056
♔♛Bleach: A New Generation♕♚

Thirty-six years after the Winter War: New enemies rise, legacies and old friends unite, and the new war begins...

Tags: Bleach, Next Generation, Shinigami, Legacies, Roleplay

OriSODEhime Private 6,588 26
Precure Guild

A guild for all Precure fans!!

Tags: precure, pretty, cure, magical girl

Arcelleaux Public 22 19
junjou romantica luvrs guild

junjou romantica luvrs guild

Tags: anime, manga, yaoi, junjou romantica, junjou

courtney 7754 Public 584 216
Rainbow Senshi Guild

A Fan Fiction Guild for the Rainbow Senshi.

Tags: Rainbow, Senshi, Sailor, Moon, Otaku

RS Sailor Black Moon Public 3,257 59
sunlight academy

a school with dorms for thoose who are vampires,ware wolfs, wizards, dogs, cats, wolfs, angels, demons, devils, fairys, etc.

Tags: anime school, anime, sunlight, academy, sunlight academy

s u p a h s e k z i Public 16,239 168
Super Saiyans (DBZ Club)

An elite line of Super Saiyans (a DBZ roleplay)

Tags: Dragon Ball Z, Super Saiyans, Roleplay, Action, Public

bobdude0987654321 Public 1,196 58
Bleach: Sagas of Avarice

This is an active XX/XX/XX guild that is fun and uprising new guild that is filled with lovable chracters and fun Role Play Plots.

Tags: Bleach, Avarice, Saga, Espada, Literate

Kyousuke Riluka Public 1,956 42
Sad Animes

its a fun guild where you can rp and talk about your favorite sad anime

Holy Rosanna Public 10 4
Vagrant Souls of Anime

Wandering the path of fandom and anime...

Tags: Gaming, Manga, Fandom

Corvus Chaos Public 2 16
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