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The Pride Guild

A guild for pride in who you are as a person.

Tags: Lesbian, Pansexual, Transgender, Homosexual, Bisexual

Shoopuffs Private 264 22
The Bisexual Guild

For Bi's to hang out and not be discriminated against.

Tags: Bisexual

bicanthrope Public 4,007 606
Gay and Bisexual Guys Guild

This is a guild for Gay and Bisexual Guys

Tags: Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender

Xarynian Private 1,092 133
Bigender Brigade

A place for bigenders to meet, compare notes and maybe even make friends

Tags: Bigender, Transgender, Friends, Social, Role-playing

A Flash Flood of Colour Public 69 13
women lovers (no men)

girls can come here to chat and be around other girls

Tags: women, no men, romance, role play, girl talk

futa bobby Public 181 64
Shounen Paradise

Shounen ai lovers, yaoi lovers, literate/illiterate RPers...welcome

Tags: yaoi, shounen ai, roleplay

Cluey-kun Public 522 22
The Gay Scene

Unfortunately, being gay in the real world isn't a yaoi or yuri series

Tags: Guys, Girls, Transgender, LGBT, Help

Joe Kiing Private 30 14
LGBT Network

A safe place for people to connect with others.

Tags: Homosextual, Lesbian, Tansgender, Bisextual, LGBT

LGBT Network Private 9 1
Taste Our Rainbow

Gaias gay/gay friendly community, welcomes all.

Tags: Rainbow, Love, Community, Pride, Support

Ima -S k i t z y- Rainbow Public 31 7
Zombie Hunters House Of Love

Zombie Hunters In Love

Tags: Friendship, Dating, Zombie, Horror, Apocolypse

Riku mason Private 6 5
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