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The MTF & LGBT Alliance

A place for mainly MTF's to gather, we are also open to others in our LGBT family ^^

McKayla-san Private 51 3
LBTP gamer girls


Tags: gaming, hanging out

WolfDweller Public 13 7
Live Love Be ♥ A Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Society

A place where LBTP girls can come to feel at home and find great new friends.

Tags: lesbian, bisexual, transgender, girls, hangout

xXEletrik_ObsessionXx Private 16,646 212

¬°Welcome all gay,bi, or anything in between i give you the The Gay Bi Boys Klub. We here come together to be friend each other.

Tags: rainbow, homosexual, LGBT, yaoi, furry

Krazed Teen Private 8,632 179
Ladies Rainbow Club!

Group of ladies that are... not straight.

Tags: lesbian, bisexual, asexual

-l-Raine-l- Public 538 89
Reality Is A Drag

Bringing together drag queens and helping their talent grow.

Tags: Drag Queens, LGBTQ, Men in dresses, Beauty, gay pride

Davey Dream Public 317 16
A Spirit Of Mercy

gay and bisexual guy guild for those that are looking fo support or just want help.

Tags: Heart, Kindess, Bisexual guy, gay guy, Lonley

The Cherry Blossom System Private 64 7
To The Beautiful You.

A place for Lesbians , Bisexuals and Trans to talk and hang out.

Tags: Dating, Lesbians, LGBT, Love, Friendship

Mi-Cha22 Public 2 4


Tags: LGBT, Freedom, Equality, no judging, Love

sam_die_verruckte Public 2 1
Silver Starlight

A guild for women who are on the rainbow chart or not on the chart at all.

Tags: Asexual, not straight, women, girls, genderless

MonsterRen Private 1 2
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