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The Gaian Equality Guild

A guild for gay people and gay supporters. You don't have to be gay, just gay friendly!

Tags: Homosexual, Equality, Human-rights, Straight, Lesbain

Robbie-fyed Private 2,468 64
Gay Love

A place for gays to find online friends and maybe even love!

Tags: Dating, Advice, Gays, Friends, LGBT

dogboy01 Public 13 30
End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow. A LGBT Guild, where people can come to role play, talk, or just gain friends.

Tags: lgbt, role play, yaoi, yuri, friends

xDarkWinterx Public 184 36
Death By Yaoi

A guild for yaoi/yuri lovers, roleplayers, slaves and masters of all kinds!

Tags: yaoi, roleplay, yuri, boyxboy, BDSM

ll-Rawrsicle-ll Public 1,199 80
The Yuri Life

For all lesbian/bi girls

Tags: Yuri, Hook Ups, Roleplays, Lesbian, Bisexual

xX_lucia_nanami_Xx Public 5,370 107
0penly Yuri J0YxT0Y Public 14 1
Alliance of Boob Lovers

Friendship Between Lesbians and Straight Men

Tags: Lesbian, Straight Guys, Alliance, The ABL

Beautiful Trances Public 21 31
love is for all

a place where love is not judged, and for all to have

Tags: bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, metrosexual, straight

kaoru 94 sensei Public 9 4
Knights of Equality (under construction)

Equality for all

Tags: lgbt, equality, human rights

Gear Bush Public 2 2
Gender-Blind Love for Boys

Sanctuary for pansexuals, gay, transgender and bi users. Enjoy.

Tags: Pansexual, Bisexual, Gay Pride, Boys Only, Transgender

KagaribitoNatsuru Private 3 13
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