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Alliance of All Orientations (S, L, G, B, T, P)

This Guild is for anyone who enjoys having and giving others acceptance

Tags: Orientation, Acceptance, Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual

Sargent Hugs Private 112 21
Rainbow Madness xD

Friends, lovers, sexualities, interesting people to give n get support, chill, talk, roleplay, flirt, giveaways, anime, music, & tonz more!

Tags: Love, Roleplay, Anime, Sexy, Random

Mieukuu Private 462 26

A safe place for FtM transsexuals to share experiences, support, resources, and make friends.

Tags: female to male, transsexual, transgender, transman, transguy

jaysuss Private 66 22
Taste Our Rainbow

Gaias gay/gay friendly community, welcomes all.

Tags: Rainbow, Love, Community, Pride, Support

Ima -S k i t z y- Rainbow Public 31 6
Star's LBT Wonderland

A girls' only safe haven and hang out

Tags: lesbian, bisexual, trans*, women, sanctuary

dying for your stars Public 41 7

Discussion and support for the demisexual population of Gaia

Tags: demisexuality, asexuality, love, relationships, support

Gus the Duck Private 12 5
Kaleidoscope Wonderland

The colors, Duke, the colors! Chat free of hate, fear, bigotry, and judgement.

Tags: Homosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian, LGBT, Transgender

Vikkal Private 10 2
LGBT Paradise

We are a friendly guild

Tags: LGBT

HerLilFox Public 1 4
The uke army

A place for semes, ukes and sekes to chat, have fun, roleplay, make friends and find partners.

Tags: Ukes, Seme, seke, Yuri, yaoi

Sw33tnightmar3 Public 16 9
We Were Born This Way. (LBGT)

Hang out and meet others like you.

Tags: Lesbian, Bisexual, Rainbow, Equality, Polyamorous

Day Dreaming Kitsune Public 18 15
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