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~*Proud Christians of Gaia*~ squeakygirl Private 9,520 245
The Muslim Guild Of Gaia

The Muslim Guild Of Gaia for everyone who wanto learn about Islam! Or for those muslims who wanto meet muslims. Or if u wanna have fun!!!!

Tags: Muslim, Islam, Religion, Islamic, United

The_Pathan Private 38,125 1,513
Elemental Sanctuary

A place for pagans and the like minded to come together and share their knowlegde and love!

Tags: pagan, spiritual, wicca, paganism, witchcraft

Lysabear Private 766 7
☯ Path 360 ☯

A guild dedicated to education, respect, and tolerance towards all ways of life, beliefs, etc.

Tags: Peace, Respect, Religion, Spirituality, Lifestyle

Calcifer Reyne Public 43 4
Wedding Planner Co.

Getting married? Let us plan your marriage and you relax!

Tags: Wedding, Planner, Marriage, Bride, Groom

cristal solide Public 10 12
Unitarian Universalists of Gaia

A hangout for U.U.s on Gaia.

Tags: Unitarian Universalism, Unitarian Universalist, Humanism, Progressivism, Spirituality

Circuitpunk Public 108 40
The Folded Hands

A guild of prayer, thanksgiving, and the normal joys of Gaia.

Tags: Christian, Prayer, Thankfulness, Testimoney, Jesus

Alustrial777 Public 43 3

We are the religion that worships cats and cat-jesus

Tags: cats, religon, animal, join us, friends

Ranuya Public 9 9
Le Daniel's Wings Club

We like Daniel's Wings and, Daniel's Wings Accessories.

Tags: Daniel's, Wings, Backwings, Kickass, You're Jealous

I Donut Donate Public 7 9
BHC (Big House Crew)

For true ride or die fam

Tags: BHCC, Real, True, Honesty, Faith

CR- DentonBoy Public 6 7
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