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Lithuanians Guild (Lietuva)

gildija vienijanti Lietuvius Gajoje (spauskit mygtuką "JOIN Guild")

Tags: Lietuva, Lithuania, Vilnius, Europa, marijos žemė

FankasAdomas Private 13,459 370
The Gaia Guild of New Mexico

It's a guild for New Mexicans (former, current, and future) to chat

Tags: New Mexico, Albuquerque, State of New Mexico, Santa Fe, Las Cruses

The Cheshire Effect Public 85 55
Guild For Sale 1111 Atilla the bun Private 16,557 141
Gaia's Official New England Guild Hizoku Akai Public 541 67
Romania Official Guild Black_666_Metal Private 3,605 155
The Iranian Guild

A guild for Iranians and people interested in Iran

Tags: Iran, Iranian, Persia, Persian, Farsi

Post Op Public 497 62
God Loving Guild

We all love God.

Tags: God Lovers, Bible, Jesus Christ

God Lover Bible Reader Public 280 1
★ GOCI ★ | Gaia Online Community Indonesia™ ✔

Indonesian Gaia Online Community

Tags: Comunity, Entertainment, Gaia, Group, Indonesia

Nixiel Qiu Private 266 28
the spiritess

for practising wiccans and any other stiritual path walkers

Tags: wicca, spiritual, witches, spellcasters, role play

Creepiekiddie Public 6 1
Vancouver Gaians

A place for people from Vancouver Canada to get together!

Tags: Vancouver, Canada, Burnaby, Lower Mainland

chipmunkboi Public 37 5
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