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Carolina Gaia - The Original guild for North and South Carol Mitsu Ayame Public 4,543 212
Rhode Island!

The one and only Rhode Island guild!

Tags: Rhode Island, Dels, Coffee Milk, Wicked, Awesome

The Cat Fairy! Private 3,834 186
Viet Central Piggie Boo Public 20,451 332
The Official Guild of Texas

You can't call yourself a Texan unless you are in The Official Guild of Texas!

Tags: Texas, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Tejas

Icecoldsprite Public 48 11
Kuwaiti's in Gaia!

Just people from kuwait :D

Tags: Kuwait, Islam, Khaleej, Kuwaiti, Shaheen

il mercato Public 51 16
Scots Wha Hae!

a guild 4 scotland!!! scots/people of scottish heratage plz join! ^^

Tags: scotland, kilt, tartan, scottish, gaelic

scotland4ever Public 142 44
The Dollars - Durarara

A worldwide gang that helps people in need, no matter what the cause.

Tags: Durarara!, The Dollars, Anime, Worldwide, Community

Dragon Warrior130 Private 15 1
PanAfrican Guild

Anyone can join!

Tags: africa, language, panafrica, random, having fun

TheNewCrayolaCrayon Public 8 4

swagger like us

weed minis Public 2 52
****swagg starz****

swaggin everyday >:P

xHUG_M3x Public 3 2
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