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Victims of Utah Society

Tags: Utah

X - Citation Needed - X Public 1,363 104
Michigaia: Gaians of Michigan

Tags: Michigan, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights

ariadne1031 Public 780 187
Romania Official Guild Black_666_Metal Private 3,604 155
الوحدة العربية الكبري

هذا مكانكم , هذه منطقتكم , تعالوا يا عرب لمنطقة العرب

Tags: Arabian, Arabic, Arab, Island, Family

Oraenji Public 1,855 155
the bloody aussies

the place for all the aussies out there to have a chinwag

Tags: austraila, the land down under, bloody, drop bears, aussie

izzi101 Public 8 5
Romania Official Guild (JOIN TODAY)

United we stand a chance against the world !

Paradoxical Hiatus Public 1,077 46

A guild for the awesome Welsh people out their

Tags: Wales, Welsh, Bara Brif, Daffodil, Leek

Povey98 Public 34 11

Suomikilta. Only finnish language.

Tags: Suomi, Finland, Mansikat, Strawberries, Random

10 Annoucements Public 31 25
Kumori Wolve's

Wolf pack, loyal, strong, willing to fight, never backs down.

Tags: Wolf, Friendships, Social, Loyalty, Guidance

LoneWolfJacob Private 9 10
PBN PrettyBoyNation

guild of elite male users

Tags: pretty, swag

spenzo Public 2 8
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