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Life On Mars: The Official 30 Seconds To Mars Guild

Tags: 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic, Echelon

xXPraying_For_A_RiotxX Public 5,690 385
ELFS Alliance

A guild for any and all ELFS

Tags: K pop, Super, Junior, Music

SnowyxPanda Public 781 92
♥Big Time Rush♥

If you like or love btr (big time rush) join now! ;D

Tags: Big Time Rush, Music, Tv shows, Guildy, Funny

Xx-Baby_Flaka-xX Public 839 249
Paramore: If There Is A Future We Want It Now!

A place for Paramore fans to discuss all things Paramore.

Tags: Paramore, Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, Taylor York, Paramore Fans

Kawaii Tears Public 1,273 49
~S my D~

if ya like blood ont he dance floor join ;D

Tags: BOTDF, songs, blood on the dance bloor, Candyland, S my D

angelfist123 Public 34 50
Official Black Veil Brides Army

The official Black Veil Brides Army! We wear our warpaint with pride!

Tags: Black Veil Brides, Jake Pitts, Ashley Purdy, Andy Biersack, Jinxx

iPinja Public 432 413
Gaia Guild Of Britney Spears

A place where Britney fans can come and chat and relax and talk about the Legendary Miss Britney Spears!

Tags: britney, spears, jive, queen, princess

Izzykun88 Public 198 65
All about KPOP

SHINee, Super Junior, B2st, Fx, SNSD, BIG BANG, K music in general, not to mention awesome Korean dramas.

Tags: Korean drama, korea, k-pop, korean music, big bang

Kimmy Flare Public 35 18
Music Meritocracy

Chat anything music related

Tags: Music, General

puppylove713 Public 9 3
Official Monstercat Media Guild

For the people that love Monstercat or EDM. Join the guild for daily updates!

Tags: Electronic Dance Music, Dubstep, Electro, Monstercat, Music

iKrizzeh Public 50 17
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