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zOMG! Elite Knights

z!EK shares plans and strategies with one another to help each other out. We have fun while at the same time we honor the charter.

Tags: zomg, elite, knights, squad, roleplay

Ultimate_Zero_x Public 6,924 169
Saving zOMG!

Show your support to Gaia's best feature, zOMG!

Tags: zOMG!, Save zOMG!, Friends, Roleplay, Giveaway

Osidiano Public 409 156
Yami Yakuza

The gaian Yami Yakuza community.

Tags: zOMG, Roleplay, Video Games, Anime, Yakuza

LeonJLoire Private 5,097 76
zOMG's Best Fighing Team

Join! If you dare.

Tags: Best, Awsome, Fighting, Team

Shmewyy Public 3 1
Gaia's Blackmarket

Trade, Charity, Rng, and more...

Tags: Trade, Gold, Merch, Charity

Mean Side Private 52 2
DMS Virgins ♥

Find the help you need to make a successful first leap into DMS.

Tags: zOMG, Deadman's Pass, Crew, Help, Deadman's Shadow

yagura25 Private 15 36
OMG Preservation Facility

The Preservation Facility of OMGs is for preserving OMGs.

Tags: Protect OMGs, Protect OMFGs, Protect OMGWTFs, Protect ALL OMG Types

CragCrawler Private 27 3
Bass'ken Brawlers

Bringing zOMG users back to Papa Saw.

Tags: Papa Saw, Bassken Lake, Speed, Efficient, Active

Fosters Quartermaine Public 24 27
Hermes moon (rice ball) cult

we are rice balls. cute and tasty, but powerful in numbers...

Tags: Questions, Cult1, cult2, cult3, cult4

Pa_and_River Public 66 1
SyNergy The Guild

To unite individual players and achieve greatness.

Tags: quest, farming, level up, crew, clan

Beautrixxx Private 2 1
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