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HPR Girls - Tuna Crews

DMS Getting Attuned.

Tags: Attuned, zOMG!, Tuna Run, DMS'ing

x-Monotone Love Public 115 58
The Gaian Coliseum Tacitus Public 3,262 99

Envisioning the future of zOMG!

Tags: zOMG!, Idea, Discussion, z!magine

Red Kutai Private 2,294 69
The Gaian Warriors of Zenoxo

Sworn Protectors of Gaia

ChiefFirestarter Private 26 7
Clan Payback!!!

Anime, Games, Zomg! and much more

Tags: Anime, Games, Zomg, Honor, Courage

The Vector Changer Public 9 7

A Guild where we level up and help each other defeat Kamila on zOMG

Tags: kamila, shadow, zomg, mans, dead

Dragon Princesses Public 13 31
zOMG! Soliders

if you are new at gaia come here. For Higher Levels help newbies!

Tags: anime, gaia, zomg, fanfics, active

Sara-Namikaze Public 6 3
Super mega awesome crew of fugging things up!

these people are the best of the best!

Tags: super, mega, awesome, people

Ember Pond Private 2 4
Sofia's Charity

Donations DMS Powerups

Tags: deadmans, amps, revive

o Sofia Public 19 16
Loud Music

welcome all

Onfinity Public 5 8
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