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Shadow Wing LordKaze Public 22,949 279

"Nothing personal, It's just business." - shinja2

Tags: zOMG!, Events, Mafia, Dumpster Dive, Farming

Reglare Excile Public 10,066 506
The Fluffy Fluff Fanguild

For anyone who loves Fluffs.

Tags: Fluffs, ZOMG, Plushies, love, fluff

PockyFairyKittie Public 136 59
❦ ᴏʀɢʏ ᴀʟʀᴜɴᴀ

Help out friends, gather up, party with the Alrunas!

Tags: Orgy, Alruna, Anurla, Alrunette

Heenain Private 132 49
~-The Secret-~

hush... its a secret!

Tags: Gold, Friends, Chat, hangout, Hints

Liddle Kiddle Private 27 38
Team SEXY!

Zomg's Sexiest Team is here!

Tags: Zerovalman, Power, Destiny, Fate, Team Sexy

Blessed Winds Public 4 8
The Omega Corp.

This iz thee place for mayhem of all sorts!!!

Tags: world domination, dark planning, omega the deity, occult, dark humor

Omega the Deity Public 103 11

This guild is only made for the purpose of Stoocie the cow along with her fellow crack mate.

Tags: cows, crack, drunk, manure

Yukairu Private 2 3
The Wolves of War

All Wolves, Battle Wolves, We all fight all for one and one for all. We are the Guardians of the Realms. Elite Soldier Wolves.

Tags: Wolf, Roleplay, Elite, Guardian, Animated

Slavin Novaken Public 6 7
Golden Spirits~

This is about contests and joining together and making freinds

leader_melody Public 2 25
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