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zOMG! Chatterbox

Do you like zOMG? Do you like to chat? Then click here. It will be the best decision you make. Ever. EVER!!11oneoneone

Tags: zOMG, Chatterbox, Landshark, Marshall, Animated

CleoSombra Public 735,272 2,820
☽~zOMG! * Addiction * Agency~☾

It's all about the zOMg.... and some gold...and some killing :D

Tags: Gold, Friend-Making, Helping, Crewing, Events

AcidicAmaya Public 3,534 935
The Fluffy Fluff Fanguild

For anyone who loves Fluffs.

Tags: Fluffs, ZOMG, Plushies, love, fluff

KittieEnjeru Public 136 57
◕‿◕ ~~ Free gold and items + zOMG ~~ ◕‿◕

Contests and more!

Tags: Stuff, Free, Items, Gold, Contests

Soft Winter Snow Public 4,217 1,406
❦ ᴏʀɢʏ ᴀʟʀᴜɴᴀ

Help out friends, gather up, party with the Alrunas!

Tags: Orgy, Alruna, Anurla, Alrunette

Heenain Private 131 50
~-The Secret-~

hush... its a secret!

Tags: Gold, Friends, Chat, hangout, Hints

Navi Pixie Private 21 38
For the Love of ZOMG!

This crew is to help anyone who needs it in ZOMG! or just want to have fun with crews.

Tags: ZOMG!, Help, Crew, friends

lovekeeper01 Private 700 183
Team SEXY!

Zomg's Sexiest Team is here!

Tags: Zerovalman, Power, Destiny, Fate, Team Sexy

ZeroValman Public 4 9
The Clan of the Rising Sun

For idividuals looking to make friends while earning profit from their Zomg Adventures.

Tags: Asian, warrior, Mage, Zomg, clan

RageHelios Public 45 22
Golden Spirits~

This is about contests and joining together and making freinds

leader_melody Public 1 5
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