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Tags: Deer, Spirits, Fantasy, Breedables, Roleplaying

Wardwood Mule Public 16,003 252
THIS IS HALLOWEEN: Halloween Town WE ARE HALLOWEEN Private 2,442 130
Latonia's Scheme

BC Related Plots, Journals, Quests and More

~Latonia de la Courtel~ Public 225 11
Katzaie Nebula Lady Ayanai Private 607 6
Strawberri Fields || Berri's Pets

A guild for me and all my pets |D

Strawberri Stardust Public 307 2
Extra guild

Tags: Breedables, Roleplay

Rapidashtrainer Public 71 2
. : INFECTED : .

zombie apocalypse B/C

Tags: Zombie, apocalypse

Crazy Stevie Private 52 2
[ Journal Guild ]

It's a journal guild.

Nerpin Public 216 1

Stymphalians B/C Pet Shop Guild

Stymphalian Queen Public 254 10
The Ydras

A guild dedicated to the B/C thread -- The Ydras.

Tags: Ydras, Smoke, Ashes, Animus, Protomi

Ydras Public 123 17
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