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Tags: Sandpaints, Sandpainter, Dragons

SandPaints Public 9,203 135
~Paws and Claws~

Cat B/C shop

Tags: Cats, Nghath

trinkuh Public 7,662 119
Kara's Single B/C Pets!

This is a place I Post all my B/C pets that are single.

Kara Asumie Public 57 1
Grimoires ~ A B/C Shop Guild

B/C Shop Guild

Zakiax Public 759 17
Ponies of Panavalon

A roleplaying and service hub for Ponies of Panavalon

Ponies of Panavalon Public 1,323 65
Oh frickens, it's Dickens.

More jolly crassness from the Dickens b/c shop.

Bombazine Public 3,295 93
The Mother Ship

RP/Journals/Shop Stuff for, "Electrodes a Bio-Robotic" b/c

Tags: Electrodes, Journals, Role Play, Games/Events, Shop Information

Electrodes-Mule Public 45 7
Unwanted Rejects v2

Guild for Unwanted Rejects B/C

Unwanted Rejects Public 174 11
The Egyptian Kingdom

itnom group.

Tags: itnom, private, group

chi honda Private 22 2
Kamiki's Soquili Plot and Quest Guild

Dedicated to Kamiki's Soquili collection, plots, breedings, etc.

Tags: Soquili, horses, plots, roleplay, breedings

Kamiki Public 5 1
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