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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Namiah- The Legacy of the Namir. Naja Namir Private 6,436 48
Nature's Wonders Guild

Guild for the B/C pet shop Nature's Wonders

Tags: Nature, Wonders, Medaria, Breedable, Pets

KeyGuardian Public 8,811 140
Star*Chasers Events

S*C Event guild for all event-related and user-made games and contests!

Kiareii Public 7,829 131

The guild for the B/C Shop Namiah.

Tags: Namir, Breedable, Role Play, Shop, Cats

Naja Namir Public 626 24

Guild for the B/C Arcadia

Tags: goats, greek, magic, selene, god pan

elaisa_angelic Public 46 7
Kara's B/C Journals

My boredom

Kara Asumie Public 124 1
My Lil' Pet Shop

Guild for the My Lil' Pet Shop B/C

Tags: Pets, Breedable, Flower Bunny's

Kittys Lil Pet Shop Public 1,719 19
Roniel's Extraneous Guild

A guild for things that do not fall into other guilds

Roniel Targaryen Public 96 2
[ Journal Guild ]

It's a journal guild.

Nerpin Public 166 1
Astral Realm- BC Guild

Welcome to Astral Realm's Guild for Customs, Events, Etc.

NinebB0nesfr33d Public 6 1
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