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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Rein's RP Archives: History of the Herd Rein_Carnation Public 620 5
Nature's Wonders Guild

Guild for the B/C pet shop Nature's Wonders

Tags: Nature, Wonders, Medaria, Breedable, Pets

KeyGuardian Public 8,895 140
Mind Over Matter

A guild for the Psychonauts b/c shop.

Tags: roleplay, psychic, psychonauts, double fine, breedables

Mind Over Matter Staff Public 5,219 88

A Lovely Revival

Tags: butt, wiggles, custom, petshop

ladykayra Public 543 19

Stymphalians B/C Pet Shop Guild

Stymphalian Queen Public 254 10
Harvest Moon Upon The Meadow

Harvest Moon Awesomeness

Leileh Public 204 24
Mindsend's little hangout

Just a place to put info.

Tags: Quests, References, profiles, Artwork, Breedables

mindsend Public 841 16
Kittens' Test Guild

I test things in here and do other random things

Andranis Private 152 1
Name to be determined

roleplay hidaway

Tags: Roleplay, Character development

Duke Edward Drake Public 379 6
[ Journal Guild ]

It's a journal guild.

Nerpin Public 216 1
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