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The Lands of Terra

Official Guild of Subterranean

Tags: subterranean, trast, terra, breedable, roleplay

Miss Skelly Public 1,104 31
Requiem » Realm of the Soul Reavers

Guild for the B/C Shop, Requiem

Finietis Public 1,346 55
☁~Silver Lining~☁

Breedable/changable pet guild

Silver Kiku Public 2,972 82
Cein Isles CYO Guild

Guild for the new taur of CI.

Tags: centaur, taur, cein isles, mermaid, role play

-Cein-Isles- Public 17 18
Lake Haven

A directory of all my B/C Pets

Rein_Carnation Public 1,443 8
My Lil' Pet Shop

Guild for the My Lil' Pet Shop B/C

Tags: Pets, Breedable, Flower Bunny's

Kittys Lil Pet Shop Public 1,749 19

A gallery showcasing my B/C pets and minishop collection.

[Eskimo] Private 60 1
Sexy's Petcase

Here's where I'll keep track of all my Fae's info.

Tags: iSexy, breedables, faekats, pets, pretties

iSweet_Kitten Public 123 1
Ponds of Gold [✽] A Goldfish Shop

The guild for the Ponds of Gold Breedable/Changing Shop!

Tags: goldfish, aquarium, pond, growing, animal

Ponds of Gold Public 105 9
For Narnia! A Mega-B/C

A Narnia based B/C

Tags: nothing yet

Aslans Pride Public 261 7
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