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The Beta Lake

Guild for Beta Aquarium, a Breedable/Changing Pet fish shop!

Tags: fish, mermaids, sea creatures, betas, clownfish

BetaHQ Public 20,527 325
Anthropomorphs RolePlay Guild 2.0 Dracier Public 5,988 60
~Paws and Claws~

Cat B/C shop

Tags: Cats, Nghath

trinkuh Public 7,660 119
Requiem » Realm of the Soul Reavers

Guild for the B/C Shop, Requiem

Finietis Public 2,555 61

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats, wanderlust

Wanderlust Scientist Public 1,114 91

A Lovely Revival

Tags: butt, wiggles, custom, petshop

ladykayra Public 449 19
Latonia's Scheme

BC Related Plots, Journals, Quests and More

~Latonia de la Courtel~ Public 202 6
Meep's Black Hole Meepfur Private 382 1
Sage's Soquili Related stuff

This is a guild I'm using to organize my soq ideas and what not

Tags: canon, Plotting, Soquili, role playing

sage_the_vampirc_angel Public 34 4
Kara's B/C Journals

My boredom

Kara Asumie Public 144 1
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