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A guild for the Kitsusagi B/C Shop

Tags: kitsusagi, roleplay, breeding, customs

Kitsusagi Staff Public 6,148 113
.:: Underland ::.

The guild for the B/C shop Underland

Tags: Underland, Roleplay

Underland Mule Public 8 18
A Garden Filled With Spirit

The Official Guild of Manna Garden II

~Latonia de la Courtel~ Public 43 6

Tags: Sandpaints, Sandpainter, Dragons

SandPaints Public 9,200 135
Lake Haven

A directory of all my B/C Pets

Rein_Carnation Public 1,390 8
Star*Chasers Events

S*C Event guild for all event-related and user-made games and contests!

Kiareii Public 7,641 124
FitzRoyal Soq

Fitz's Soquili Information

Tags: FitzRoyal, Soquili

FitzRoyal Private 74 1
Plots and Storage

Breedable Pet Stuff Soquili

Tags: Horse, Storage

RockerWolfie1616 Private 118 2
Only in Australia

A roleplaying and service hub for Only in Australia

Only in Australia Public 44 6
iZunes U - Electronic Foxes

A guild for all that is iZunes! Special events, journals, staff gatherings and other information will be posted here. .

Tags: izunes, foxes, breedable, digital, music

iZune Foxes Private 575 26
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