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xSiempre Juntosx

Guild para gente que habla español, para hablar, ayudarnos y obviamente divertirnos

Tags: Español, Friends, Donations, Quest

xzx K A N O N xzx Public 1,035 155

..And then they re-surfaced

Tags: Dont, Fvck, With, Certain, Niggas

UTG LordVybz Private 498 14
Demic Household

family, friends, bonding, fun

Tags: friends, family, entertainment

Sar Demic Private 4 5
The Pervy Paradise

Where you can be perverted with everyone and get away with it.

Tags: Sexy, Cleavage, Boobs, Pervert, Giggity

Vix_Punk Public 40,814 343

A story of a world beyond our dimension, and the individual tales of the people who inhabit the world.

Tags: Harganoph, Story, Roleplay, novel, world

Benevolent Rose Public 5,665 14
Medieval Snowflake

A place to relax and have fun

Tags: quiz, poll, story, anime, relax

writing_in_waters_star Private 2,373 9
Cutie City Charity!

Come win prizes, gold, items, play games, contests, chat, talk, and have fun!!!!

Tags: Gold, Chat, Games, Charity, Contests

Deafening SiIence Public 1,106 80
Avatar Modeling Shoot

We get along with each other & do a good job

O_Ryoalicious Bluewolf_O Public 14 13
Choujigen Game Neptune Guild!

Give the Goddesses your Shares!

Tags: Gaming, Neptunia, Console, Wars, Goddesses

T0XSA Public 28 11
The Crap Goes Here (A Garbage Guild)

Gather all ye people! This is a trashcan and all sorts of GARBAGES are welcome to enter!

Tags: Garbage, Trash

BulIcrap Private 4 4
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