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The Japanese Student Guild

The place to learn about Japan and all facets of Japanese culture

Tags: Japanese, Student, Guild

Freakezette Private 32,981 5,168
Travelling and Going Abroad!

A Guild to help going abroad, collect and find information, make friends

Tags: Travel, abroad, languages, vacation, study

Yasira Public 2,701 28
Learn To Speak Japanese!

A Guild for learning how to speak Japanese on a daily basis!

Tags: Learn, Japanese, Nihongo, Speak, Japan

Great_Aku_Ha Public 4,179 856

.. ato ini mga BiSDAK .. x]]

Tags: Bisaya, Visayan, Pinoy, Warriors, Visaya

iiYanYan Private 9,543 213
Understanding Languages: Becoming Bilingual

Learn a new language

Tags: Teach, Learn, Guide, Foreign Languages, Around the World

xXSatansHomicidalManiacXx Public 23 25
The Esperanto Guild (Need experienced people!)

A guild for learning about and speaking in the language Esperanto.

Tags: Esperanto, Language, Learn, Constructed, Foreign

Vamprey_kitty Private 495 54
Гильдия русскоговорящих - Russian spea

Tags: russian, literate

arlekino Private 8,364 354
~☆「蛍雪の功~☆~The fruits of diligent study」☆~

~☆「A guild for all students of Japanese」☆~

Tags: japanese, language, learning, second, study

Chibi Kitsune Warrior Public 226 13
the Cosy Corner

Tags: poik

poikpoik Private 461 4
Fuck you pay me Fiend The King Private 48 3
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