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Foreign Languages Guild: Dedicated to the spreading of langu Nicnak77 Private 664 9
Languages Made Simple


ieatyourtclol Public 200 2
Kabalen - [Kapampangan Guild] Danii California Private 377 36
Help me learn korean

help me learn korean

Tags: Korean, Korea, Foreign Language

chocolatebunnies1999 Public 23 17
Philippine Language Learning Center

Learn and teach Tagalog! Personal sessions included.

Tags: Philippine, Tagalog, teaching, studying, Filipino

Elaine_Vondrack Public 82 34
ThE_aWeSoMe_CrU_aka_ThE_ePiC_aSaiNs _CrU

Wnat to be awesome than come here because this guild is for you!!! Enjoy!

Tags: No Fighting, No Cursing (It's A Sin!), Show Respect, Have Fun!!!!!

hime528 Private 24 12
DR iS Da b3sT

For Dominicans

Tags: Dominican Republic, DR number 1, Republica Dominicana, The best, Los Dominicanos !

sexy lysbeth Public 2 10
Language Queery :: Polynesian Languages joronica3 Private 1 1
OriGinal BoyZ (OB)

Yuu Only Can Wear Purp Or Black

Tags: Hangout, Get Bytches, Respect Eachotha, End Otha Guilds, Join (OB)

FawkYuu xD Private 70 8
❀さくらの日本❀Learn Japanese!

Learn Japanese easily! With cute pictures, examples and more!

Tags: Japanese, Language, Japan, Anime, Kawaii

Rowky Private 4 2
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