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El loco mundo de Blu

Tags: latino, espanol

blumethal Public 19,625 452
I'm Random. You're Random. Lets Hug. Ashley lion Public 3,237 202
Japanese Conversation Club

For those who are interested in learning or practicing the Japanese language

Tags: Japanese, Language

Hashtable Private 158 12

Tags: italian, spanish, mexicans, boricua, cuban

snorp Public 131 152


Tags: Foreign, language, japan, japanese, talk

lilwmn Public 4 4
Hopya Mani Popcorn

atsaka po kendi

Tags: hopya, mani, popcorn, pinoy

xSagara Private 5,056 134
the hall of mortal and immortals

imortals mortals kings gods goddess gods titans

Tags: immotal, mortal, titan, king, villager

hana248 Public 34 8
Po Polsku

a guild for r .p . &nd chatting in the polish language

Tags: Poland, Polish Language, Role Playing, Chat, Polska

h1iamcuki Private 4 2

A place to have fun learning Japanese and Meeting New People

Tags: role playing, Japanese, learning, contests, Manga

Tai Yukimura Public 39 11
J & K Academy

This is an academy for you to learn Japanese or Korean, and talk about their music, cultures, or whatever else!

Tags: Korean, Japanese, Learning, Korea, Japan

Dreamer_Disbel Private 5 2
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