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☼☼Anarquía Total☼☼ Astaroshe Private 63,152 282
The Japanese Guild

Tags: Learning, Japanese

Vincent Valentine-Jenova Public 1,846 328
The German Language Guild

Learn, strengthen, or practice your knowledge of the German Language with other people learning or fluent in German.

Tags: German, Language, Grammar, Chat, Discussion

Kitaboy Private 1,214 59
Language Exchange

Learn and teach languages for other people.

Tags: Language, Exchange, Foreign

SatyrX Public 174 63
日本語はなす! A Japanese-Speaking Guild

A guild in which Japanese natives/students can speak Japanese.

Tags: Japanese, Language, Practice

GabrielleClearwater Private 73 18
The Dutch Language School

You can join this guild to learn the Dutch language!

Tags: Dutch, School, HavingFun, Learning, Language

Dutch School Principal Public 10 10

A place for all languages.

Tags: language, learn, foreign, multilingual, world

eliku Public 48 20
Learning Tagalog!

A Language from the Philippines!

Tags: Tagalog, Learn, Philippines, Pinay, Pinoy

ZCDA Public 16 21
Romanian Guild

A guild for the romanians

Tags: romania, bucharest, romanian, people, funn

Toxic Mindxxxx Private 47 15
Language Learning Library

A place to study and practice foreign language!

Tags: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian

x Raphael Private 4 1
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